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FitDreamz Active Wear

FD Tech 1.5 Gym Shorts

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Don't Hold Back

Our FD Tech 1.5 Gym Shorts won't hold back your workout. The stretchy blended fabric is designed to provide a relaxed feel without restricting your motion throughout your workout session. The shorts are lightweight, allowing you to focus on what matters most, whether that's your agility or endurance. The elastic/drawstring waistband will help you achieve a more comfortable, personalized fit. Now you can work out without worrying about feeling restricted by your workout clothes.

Get That Look You've Always Wanted

Ready to look better in the gym mirror? Our FD Tech 1.5 Gym Shorts are designed to give you that toned look you've always wanted. The FD logo on the left leg is embroidered to make you feel even more confident, while the side pockets will give your workout essentials a place where they won't fall out. We included zippers to make them even more secure to make sure your phone or keys won't be hitting the floor anytime soon.

Reasons Our FD Tech 1.5 Gym Shorts Are Ideal

  • Stylish Embroidered FD Logo
  • Side Pockets With Zippers
  • Stretchy Fabric For Flexibility
  • High-Performance Shorts That Stay In Place

Workout Gear Shouldn't Break The Bank

If you're looking for a way to improve your workout without spending too much money, our FD Tech 1.5 Gym Shorts are the ideal choice. Our shorts are designed to offer both flexibility and added support no matter what kind of routine you choose. While they may be great for working out, these shorts will also look good around town. Now you don't have to spend hours trying to find the perfect workout clothes. We've already taken care of that for you. You can get both a casual and athletic look at a great price.

Motivation Through Apparel

Our FD Tech 1.5 Gym Shorts & FD Stringer Hoodie combo will give you the motivation you need to work out harder than ever before. Fitness is more than just a hobby; it's a lifestyle that will give you the body and performance you've always wanted. Maybe we're biased, but we truly believe in our apparel line, and we know you'll feel smarter, stronger, and more confident when wearing them. So get ready to start working out with confidence like never before!


    moisture wicking so it can survive a humid day but not get soaked and dry quickly, can be exposed to the elements but not fade in color. Phee Fabrics Supplex is water repellent, dries faster than cotton, all while remaining breathable. It is anti- bacterial and odor resistant.

    Care Instructions

    Do not bleach Tumble dry low heat Do not dry clean Recommend HANG DRY Machine wash warm

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